Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well here it is. It's another night, and I can't seem to sleep. I thought that I should make a post.

The other day, one of my friends lost somebody very important to her. It made me so sad because she has an occasion coming up that is one for celebration, and for something like this to happen is really sad. Also, the person she lost was such a wonderful human being.

Her loss made me think again about things. Even though I don't always see it (since I'm kind of psycho), I am extraordinarily lucky. I have a wonderful family and fantastic friends, and I've been given so many opportunities that others don't have. Sure, I might not be famous or rich or anything, but I have what really counts. The thing is, I don't always let people know how I feel. Oh I try, but sometimes when you're sucked up in your own world, it can be so easy to forget to take some time out. Therefore, another thing I am adding to the list of things I will do more is to tell people more how much I care about them.

Also, I think I may go in search of another red dress but not for me. I think I would like to gift it to a friend. We shall see though.

Oh, in other news my sister will be graduating this Saturday which means that I will be traveling to LA by airplane. I'm quite nervous, but I do have something to read on the flight. I finally got Jenny Lawson's book! :)

Well, as hopeless as it may be, I'm going to attempt to sleep again. Until we meet again readers.

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