Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alright, so here is my blog about my trip to Los Angeles. It may be a bit scattered because I'm writing in between freezes on the cam watching The Bloggess. Honestly, if you haven't checked her out you need to....check out her blog I mean. Ok, so I lied. I am now writing this since she is done.

I already covered the flight, so I will skip ahead to Friday because Thursday we just went to our hotel. 
Friday: We went to Ventura and took a trip to Santa Cruz on a boat. It was freezing, but as my brother said after a while you got numb and it wasn't bad. The island was gorgeous!!! They have these foxes there that are the second smallest in the world. Plus, the views are amazing. Although, it was kind of weird being higher up than birds. After that we were pretty much wiped and we went back to LA.

Saturday: My sister graduated!!! Honestly, it was like no graduation I had ever been to before. My sister is a graduate of FIDM which is a fashion school in LA. They have more majors than just fashion, but that is what they are really known for. Anyway, the assembly was in the Stables Center which was incredible. There were so many people, and almost all of them had decorated themselves and their attire in some way. The ceremony was long, but it was totally awesome because of all the different looks you got to see. Plus, I got to see my sister walk the stage. She looked so amazing, and I loved her hat. After that, we went out to eat. Drink recommendation: Brazilian Lemonade. Then back to hotel.

Sunday: We went to San Diego. It was amazing, and I think if I were to live in California that I would choose there. That is of course out of the places I've been to. Anyway, we went to this place called The Fish Market. It is pretty much the best seafood I have ever had. Please go there! Seriously, just thinking about it makes me salivate. Oh, and for dessert you should try their key lime pie. After that we just walked around and then went to Point Loma. Another of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen in my life! Then back to LA and we left the next day.

This is kind of just a basic outline. It was an absolutely amazing trip. I hardly ever get to spend that much time with my family. Usually one of us isn't there or we're just together for a day. This was just so special.  

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