Monday, June 25, 2012


It has been a few days ago, but this post is about my experience making biscuits. I have always enjoyed baking, but it has always been with desserts. However, I really want to take over making meals to help my mom out. In order to do that, I knew I would need to break away from desserts. I have tried making eggs as seen in an earlier post, but I was unsure of where to go from there. That's when I decided to email a wonderful chef named Ben Starr. He was on Master Chef season 2, and he is without a doubt my favorite contestant. I decided that I wanted to email him and ask for some advice about where to start. It was kind of nerve wracking to email somebody that I truly admire. Still, I sent off the message and waited unsure of when and if I would hear from him.

Then, I got a response. I was so excited for a multitude of reasons. He is such an extraordinarily genuine and kind person. You just have to read his blog to see that, and his email to me showed me that even more. He told me to try his recipe for buttermilk biscuits which is on his website, and he also suggested a cake recipe to try as well. In addition, he just made me feel so comfortable. I didn't feel stupid like I normally do when I ask people about things. It was nice.

Anyway, I tried out his recipe for biscuits. First I watched the video that he had posted up that went step by step how to make them. Afterwards I felt pretty decent about my ability to be successful with it and went to gather all the ingredients. I ended up watching the video again as I went just to make sure I was doing things right. Everything was going alright except for a few minor mistakes. I forgot to flower my hands, so at first the dough stuck to my hands. After fixing that, I was doing pretty well. I was so excited. That's when I went to go get the biscuit cutter and realized that we had no biscuit cutter.

At first I panicked, and then I shook my head. This would only happen to me. Luckily, I found a Santa cookie cutter to use. While it wasn't exactly conventional, they turned out pretty good. They were great with jelly. I felt so happy that the biscuits turned out edible and that I was on my way to learning how to cook. I felt so grateful to Ben Starr at that moment. He just made me feel so much better. Next, I'm planning on trying his cake. Chalk this one up to a win. I'm going slowly, but I'm learning.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alright, so here is my blog about my trip to Los Angeles. It may be a bit scattered because I'm writing in between freezes on the cam watching The Bloggess. Honestly, if you haven't checked her out you need to....check out her blog I mean. Ok, so I lied. I am now writing this since she is done.

I already covered the flight, so I will skip ahead to Friday because Thursday we just went to our hotel. 
Friday: We went to Ventura and took a trip to Santa Cruz on a boat. It was freezing, but as my brother said after a while you got numb and it wasn't bad. The island was gorgeous!!! They have these foxes there that are the second smallest in the world. Plus, the views are amazing. Although, it was kind of weird being higher up than birds. After that we were pretty much wiped and we went back to LA.

Saturday: My sister graduated!!! Honestly, it was like no graduation I had ever been to before. My sister is a graduate of FIDM which is a fashion school in LA. They have more majors than just fashion, but that is what they are really known for. Anyway, the assembly was in the Stables Center which was incredible. There were so many people, and almost all of them had decorated themselves and their attire in some way. The ceremony was long, but it was totally awesome because of all the different looks you got to see. Plus, I got to see my sister walk the stage. She looked so amazing, and I loved her hat. After that, we went out to eat. Drink recommendation: Brazilian Lemonade. Then back to hotel.

Sunday: We went to San Diego. It was amazing, and I think if I were to live in California that I would choose there. That is of course out of the places I've been to. Anyway, we went to this place called The Fish Market. It is pretty much the best seafood I have ever had. Please go there! Seriously, just thinking about it makes me salivate. Oh, and for dessert you should try their key lime pie. After that we just walked around and then went to Point Loma. Another of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen in my life! Then back to LA and we left the next day.

This is kind of just a basic outline. It was an absolutely amazing trip. I hardly ever get to spend that much time with my family. Usually one of us isn't there or we're just together for a day. This was just so special.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hello you all. Got back from Los Angeles yesterday. It was a fabulous trip which I will go into detail tomorrow, but today I would like to talk about my time with the airports. Now I'm not sure if I said before, but I hate flying. I'm scared of heights, but it's mostly during take off when I freak the hell out. It was totally worth it since it was to see my younger sister graduate, but I was still scared as hell.

On the way out to Los Angeles, take off was terrible for me. As soon as the back wheels left the ground and the plane dipped slightly, I was paralyzed with a death grip on the arm rest and with eyes the size of a small tire. (This is what my brother told me; I'm pretty sure I passed out for a second.) Anyway, my mom takes my hand off the arm rest and puts it on hers. She claims I didn't, but I feel pretty certain that I crushed it for about 5 minutes until the plane evened out and such. For the rest of the time I was fine with the flight. There was a screaming child behind us which was not fun, but I only hate those situations because the parent is usually doing nothing. It sounded like her little ears hurt and her mom wasn't talking to her or anything about it. I felt bad for the child.

Now that went pretty well, but coming back I was not happy. During airport security checks, both my mom and I got stopped. She was stopped for random screening which I thought was kind of ridiculous because they had told her to go ahead and get her stuff, and then they pulled her over to the side after she'd been giving the green light. I mean, I understand random screenings, but why tell the person to go ahead if you're going to take it back?

Anywho, I also got stopped. The airport security people were doing their jobs and looking at the bags, and my stuff got stopped. I had to get one article swabbed because it had looked suspicious or something. That article was my book. It wasn't even just any book. It was my copy of Let's Pretend This Never Happened by the awesome Jenny Lawson (a.k.a. The Bloggess). It was kind of funny, but at the same book? Really? Not my purse or anything? My book. I totally say yay for doing their jobs because if something looks suspicious they should check, book? What the heck did they see that looked weird?

That little episode scared the crap out of me because I had no idea what they saw. I was already nervous about the flight, and that had not made it any better. Go figure though, after that, the flight was easy and I did not kill my mom's hand. Guess it all worked out pretty well. :)
Details on trip tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well here it is. It's another night, and I can't seem to sleep. I thought that I should make a post.

The other day, one of my friends lost somebody very important to her. It made me so sad because she has an occasion coming up that is one for celebration, and for something like this to happen is really sad. Also, the person she lost was such a wonderful human being.

Her loss made me think again about things. Even though I don't always see it (since I'm kind of psycho), I am extraordinarily lucky. I have a wonderful family and fantastic friends, and I've been given so many opportunities that others don't have. Sure, I might not be famous or rich or anything, but I have what really counts. The thing is, I don't always let people know how I feel. Oh I try, but sometimes when you're sucked up in your own world, it can be so easy to forget to take some time out. Therefore, another thing I am adding to the list of things I will do more is to tell people more how much I care about them.

Also, I think I may go in search of another red dress but not for me. I think I would like to gift it to a friend. We shall see though.

Oh, in other news my sister will be graduating this Saturday which means that I will be traveling to LA by airplane. I'm quite nervous, but I do have something to read on the flight. I finally got Jenny Lawson's book! :)

Well, as hopeless as it may be, I'm going to attempt to sleep again. Until we meet again readers.

Friday, June 8, 2012

For the last couple of days I have been an absolute ball of crazy. One minute I am perfectly sane, and the next second I'm flying off the handle into anger land or sadness city. I've gotten depressed for no reason and lashed out at people because of the way I feel. It's like I get caught up into this little whirlwind of emotion and depression that I can't get out of even though I try.

I talked about it with my mom, and she says that it may be hard for me for a while because I'm going through a transition period, and she's probably right. I always seem to have problems when I start anything new or something like that. Next thing you know I'm on my bed crying or something of the sort. Goodness knows I always try to fight it, but sometimes I just get overwhelmed.

Finally, last night I was able to pull myself out of the spiral. Partly it was because I watched The Bloggess' video about how depression lies, and the other part was that my friends wanted to do mad libs. I know that probably seems a little silly, but it's true. Once we started doing those, it was like I was back in a place where I felt safe and where I had people surrounding me that would kick anything's ass that messed with me.

Before I knew it, I was laughing and acting like my regular self again. Sometimes I have snaps that last a long time and other times they are short. Regardless, I hate every snap I have because it is not something that is fun or easy for me and people around me to deal with it. The good thing is that I know it isn't forever even if it may feel like it.

I'm considering making a love book where I put reminders to myself about who loves me and what I love...just things to make me feel good.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Have you ever watched somebody perform that just moved you? That's what happened to me the other night. Saturday night, a few friends and I went to the club. I hadn't seen one of them in a while, so I was excited about that. Anyway, we got there and around midnight they put on a show. It's a drag show that they do on Fridays and Saturdays, and it is always a lot of fun.

One of the performers just took my breath away. They were all good, but this one performed in such away that made me so extraordinarily happy that it actually brought some tears to my eyes. Her name is Sierra, and she is extremely talented. When she performs, you can just feel how happy she is, and she's just so absolutely gorgeous and sincere when she performs. The crowd loved her too; she got such a huge round of applause, especially after this one number she did that she sent out to her sister and mom. (They were there celebrating her sister's birthday).

I watched the other girls, and they were talented as well and they were happy, but it was Sierra I just couldn't stop smiling about. Part of it may be that she was the first one out to perform, but I don't think that's it.

Anyway, it always makes me so happy watching the drag show and other shows too because watching people be so secure and confident in themselves is beautiful to me. It takes a lot to get out there and do what performers do. Heck it takes a lot for anybody to step out and be who they are. It's just more evident in performers at times. It just kind of reminded me that if you are who you are and you're happy in that, it comes out and can touch people beyond just yourself. It's something I need to remember more often.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Art on a Friday

Today was rather fun although had a little a guilt mixed in as well. Oh, before I forget, I joined a gym. I can't remember if I've said that before, but if I did this is just a repeat. I went and  cycled for a bit, and afterwards my knees felt like jelly. Then I got up and my legs felt like jelly, and if you've never had the sensation that you were walking on legs made of jelly...well it's just an interesting and somewhat distressing feeling. Of course, I was happy that it meant I had done a good workout, but I walked like I was unsure of where my feet were. Oh well, at least that is something I've done.

Back to today though. As per usual, I hung out with my boyfriend who was not feeling too well. This made me sad inside, but as much as I wanted to, I couldn't stay with him all day because I had made plans for lunch with my friend. However, bf was such a sweet person and drove me to meet my friend, and I promised to bring him something back after I was done. Anyway, I hadn't seen my friend for oh...probably 7 months or so. Rose and I have known one another since middle school, and she's leaving in the fall so it's kind of strange. Talking with her though was as though no time at all had passed. She's one of those people that I can just pick up with no matter what. We kind of covered all subject areas, and there was no judging or criticism about anything. Sure there are things we don't necessarily see eye to eye on, but we've always been able to share without really getting angered or arguing. It's nice to be able to say what you feel without worry of that. Let's face it, not everybody can be like that with everybody else. After that, I got bf something to eat, and Rose drove me back home. Hopefully we shall be hanging out again...maybe for margaritas or a game night.

Anywho, later after games and such, bf and I went to meet my friend Becca. In our downtown today there was this sort of art thing. People were selling jewelry, handmade...everything pretty much, and there was singing all over the place. Of course, the first thing we run into is this little stand with jewelry, and I immediately find a necklace that I really want. Honestly, I'm one of those people who hardly ever gets things for myself, it's usually for other people. As previously stated in my Red Dress post, I often deny myself things because they don't seem practical or something I really need. Anyway, I can't stop looking at this necklace, It had shiny blues and green around a pearly shell. I just couldn't look away, and bf said that I should go ahead and get it if I really liked it, so I did. Now I kind of feel guilty because I used my credit card, and even though I'm paying my mom back...I feel guilty that I even spent my own money on it even though I love the necklace and wore it the rest of the day. I really need to learn that it's ok to spend money on myself from time to time.

After that, we ended up walking around and seeing all the different thing. Some of the thing were so amazing like the wood carvers, quilters, and such. I've kind of always wanted to learn how to do something like quilting or crocheting, but there never really seems to be a good time for that. That and I'm not really sure how to go about learning. That's something I'd rather learn from a person and not from a book. I have a feeling it's something I would need an actual hands on instructor for. However, I digress. Eventually, we walk into this antique shop. I actually happen to know one of the people that own it, and it was really nice to see her. I wasn't even sure she'd remember me since it's been about....5 or 6 years since I saw her. I've changed a lot in appearance since then. She did remember though, and we had a nice chat. Of course, looking around inside the store was amazing.

I kind of have a weak spot for certain antiques. If anything reminds me of something we have at my grandmother's or that my mom has...I kind of want it or want to get it for them. My other weaknesses are jewelry and kitchen things. (They did have this old fashioned dress too, but with no size on it we didn't want to take the risk of one of us loving it.)  It was so much fun looking at things; I had forgotten  how much fun just window shopping can be since I haven't been in a while. Becca actually ended up getting this beautiful cake plate that looked like one she'd broken when she was younger. He rmom absolutely loved it. It was just a fun day.

I felt really relaxed through the whole day which was just wonderful. It might not seem all that exciting, but trust me...after so much stress with school and deadlines among other things, it's nice to just take a breather and enjoy things going on in your own town.