Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eggs and Sleepless Night

Hello all. I haven't been able to sleep at all, so I thought that I would go ahead and blog about my experience with eggs yesterday. At around 9 am my boyfriend came over and hinted that he'd like to try to make breakfast together. Now, we have done this on a number of occasions, but my part of the process has usually been to butter the toast or put jam on it and to pour the juice. This time I was going to be the chef.

Let me say that there is only one kind of egg that I have an confidence about making, and that is scrambled. I have been making scrambled eggs for some time. Other than that, I'm pretty clueless. Oh, I know what they are supposed to look like, but I haven't really attempted to make any of them. Yesterday morning, he wanted fried eggs.

I had seen him make them many times for me, but we didn't have butter or bacon grease. Instead, I made use of what I believe was margarine. The first egg I cooked all the way and popped the yolk of the egg. It looked kind of bad. Of course, I also hadn't completely followed the recipe because I got nervous with him standing there. After the first egg I asked him to wait in the other room. 

The second egg I followed the directions and added the water like the cookbook suggested. Everything was going great until I couldn't flip the egg out of the pan. Since the pan was hot, it kept right on cooking. It was closer than the other one was as the egg actually did leak a little, but it definitely wasn't how it should look. Of course, I was just excited that I had managed to cook two eggs without burning anything or anyone. (The other day I wasn't paying attention and burnt my finger on the stove.)

He was still hungry, so I thought I would make him an omelet. I made an omelet once when I was in high school, but that was the only time. I banished him to the other room again and set out to make the omelet. Everything went well. The eggs were thickening in the bottom of the pan like they were supposed to, but there were places on top that just weren't doing what I thought they should It took a little longer than the cookbook said it would to work, but I think that may have been because of the temperature I had it set on. The book said medium, but I'm not sure if the medium on our stove is medium in the way the book means. Anyway, it was getting to be a nice brown on the bottom, so I knew it was time to take it off. Things seemed to be going alright. I ran my spatula around the edge of the egg, and it came off quite clean. Then I tried to get it out onto the plate. At that point, I realized that I had folded over the wrong part. That may seem a little strange to say, but I had folded over the part that wasn't near where I was supposed to flip it onto the plate. Being left handed, this proved to be a problem. I switched hands, and my hand holding the pan was shaking as I tried to scootch the egg onto the plate.

After a few tries, I decided to just use the spatula to ease it out. That's when I realized what the problem was...the bottom of the omelet was stuck to the pan in the middle. I tried to slip my spatula under to help. It did loosen the omelet from the bottom, but it also pulled the nice brown right off the egg. It looked like somebody had shaved the omelet with all the little marks. I carefully pulled the brown off the bottom of the pan and tried to use it to cover up the spots on the omelet that were bald. Then I made some toast and put jam on the bread and took it to my boyfriend. He looked at it and asked what the bubbles were, and I realized that the browning had come off of where I had tried to cover the bald up. Even though I knew he had never had an omelet before and that he was just asking because he was curious about how it was supposed to look (he cooks too), I didn't take it well.

Honestly, part of me wanted to cry. That may seem like a rather large reaction to something small, but I have been kind of emotional lately, and I had tried so hard to get things right. When it comes to food, I really want things to look and taste good. My boyfriend started eating it and told me it was good, but I felt slightly discouraged until he had me taste it. I had tried some of the fried eggs which hadn't turned out to great, but when I tasted the omelet, it actually tasted like an omelet should other than the missing browning. At this point I calmed down and we enjoyed breakfast together.

It seems kind of like a small victory. I've struggled with breakfast items in the past as I never usually make it. My family and I just aren't warm breakfast people unless it's toast. Anyway, having a semi-successful day in which the food was okay, nobody got burned, and nobody was poisoned felt like I had achieved something. It made me happy. Next time I'm going to try to add other things to it.

Now, I think I will try to go to sleep. I didn't have luck earlier because I was jumping at every noise I heard so couldn't sleep. I'm hoping that I now have sufficiently tired myself out so that things won't bother me. If I can't sleep...guess I'll just look for ideas for my next adventure.

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